The Alliance for Diversity & Excellence
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela
The Alliance for Diversity and Excellence is a group of African-American community leaders from the Greater New Orleans area that advocates for charter schools and autonomy for all students, parents and leaders.

Since 2005, New Orleans schools have seen considerable gains in student performance across all grade levels. Graduation and ACT rates have increased to promising levels over the last ten years, but our local communities, especially the African American community, is concerned about the charter landscape. The African American community's displeasure largely stems from the firing of 7,500 displaced teachers and school employees in the aftermath of Katrina.

Over the past five years, the Alliance for Diversity & Excellence, a group of African American community leaders from the Greater New Orleans area, has begun to advocate for charter schools and autonomy for all students and parents.
our mission
Research shows that teacher and school leader quality has a huge impact on student achievement. Research has also shown that low-income children disproportionately experience low-quality teaching. As African-American leaders in education, we are significantly lower than the racial makeup of children in schools in New Orleans.

The Alliance of Diversity & Excellence is effectively training senior leaders on achieving results for students and the community through positive leadership at high performing charter networks.
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Senior Leadership Institute
Training for leaders looking to become senior leaders in New Orleans.
Professional Development Symposium
Experts leading development on Special Education, Turnaround Leadership, Curriculum Development and School Discipline.
Leadership Panel Series
Local and National education experts share their leadership experience and stories.
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