The Alliance for Diversity & Excellence
Core Programming Objectives
Leadership Development
Training for leaders looking to become senior leaders in New Orleans. Participants will be assigned a coach who already is a Chief Leader. Partnership with Xavier University Division of Education.

Professional Development Symposium. Experts leading development on special education, turnaround leadership, curriculum development and school discipline.

Leadership Panel Series. Local and National education experts share their leadership experience and stories.
Student Rallies. Youth focused rallies aimed at promoting positive behavior, academic excellence, and being leaders against injustice.

Community Events. By partnering with other community organizations events are organized to positive work being done in K-12 schools.

Parent Meetings. Monthly meetings are held across networks to engage parents in advocacy around choice and equity.
Monthly Meetings. Meetings are hosted every month to plan events, share information, engage leaders and strengthen our network.

Excellence and Leadership Breakfast. AN annual breakfast is held to celebrate and highlight individuals that are promoting excellence for youth in New Orleans.

Book Scholarship. Through a series of fundraising events, ADE is committed to raising funds for book awards for graduating seniors.
Roadmap towards the Future.
To date, the ADE has established a mission, vision, and theory of action, and has completed the preliminary administrative steps to move the advisory board to a non-profit government structure. As well, InspireNOLA Charter Schools has agreed to serve as a fiduciary agent until said paperwork moves through the appropriate state and federal channels.

While the ADE has designed the framework for an organization, it will need resources to select a leader/contract services to refine organizational structure/staffing; educate ADE ambassadors, hold forum and events, conduct school visits and draft a sustainable business model based on priorities;

The workshop is structured within a studio environment so as to offer participants the opportunity to experiment with different design approaches and share their ideas with colleagues from around the world.

The ADE has identified a program outcomes and budget necessary to accomplish an organizational model.
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